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Shillong's Most Wanted 'Massage Man' Who Enters Peoples House At Night For Food And Massaging Female’s Body Nabbed!

TNT News

SHILLONG: The most wanted criminal in Shillong, David Lyngdoh infamously known as ‘massage man’ and ‘phantom’ has once again been arrested by the Special Cell, Shillong Police from Demseniong today.

He has been arrested four times earlier for his involvement in about twenty burglary cases including molestation of women but managed to secure a bail earlier and resumed his criminal activities under different names.

‘Phantom’, also known as ‘Bah Jyllud’ was involved in a spate of burglaries, bike theft cases, rapes and molestation.

Police informed that Phantom whose real name is David Lyngdoh (26) used to identify himself by aliases like Raja and Albert Malngiang.

He even has his own Facebook page under the name of ‘Bah Jyllud’.



It is claimed that the mystery man enters peoples house in the dead of the night and would look around for food after which he would get down to business — massaging a female’s body — after which he promptly and quietly makes his escape.

A woman alleged that she was recently taken to the terrace of her house by the mystery man who massaged her body and then left her in the cold and near-freezing weather.

“It’s hard to believe such rumours. I haven’t seen it or experienced it. But the case of the mystery man is akin to some psychopaths portrayed in movies, who stalk their victims and cause undue physical and psychological stress,” an elderly woman stated.