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Shija Hospital In Manipur Removed This Humongous Lipoma, Moots For World Records

One of the leading private hospital in Manipur SHRI or Shija Hospital and Research Institute is very likely to sent an entry to Limca book of Records for setting a new unusual and breathtaking records for expunging a unusual size of Lipoma that weight around 4.9 kg from a male patient.

The said Lipoma, a kind of tumour consisting of fatty tissue, was successfully expunged from the left scapular region of a 60-year-old patient, who began to encounter challenges in walking due to its extra-large and heavy in his back side.

shija hospitalWhile having telephonic conversation with Chairman and MD of SHRI Dr Palin Kungdongbam to confirm the case, the Dr Palin referred to it as ‘first-ever in Manipur, because of its extra-ordinary size. So, mooted to sent entry to set the records”.

The 60-year-old patient, is a village chieftain, from, from Saikul of Senapati District in Manipur and he was excised during 2011 May by a medical team led Dr Palin himself, who is Plastic Surgeon.

According to Dr Palin, the total body weight of the patient was 48 Kg but the weights of lipoma removed was around 4.9 kg, which is 10 percent of the patient body weight. Meanwhile he also confirmed the patient continued to live fighting fit, have also made regular follow up visit in recently in the hospital after the tumour was removed.

Photo Source : Shija Hospitals & Research Institute (SHRI)