How did this security guard cleared IAS? Here’s the truth!

The story of a security guard who has cleared IAS and now posted in Madurai has gone viral!  Many websites including,  IndiaLive today has shared the story which has been viewed by thousands of people! The news have also been posted on many facebook groups and pages making it go viral instantly! 

fake news

But the truth is, it’s a fake news! 

Here’s the news as posted on the website and We have bolded the words which raised a suspicion!

“Mr. Jothi Ranjan Bagarti is from Orissa and been in security field for the last 14 years. His did his first attempt for IAS 10 years back and successfully achieved the milestone this year with 2 years of continuous preparation and hard work. He posted to madurai for training. Admin brought his family for felicitation”

Another reader has also done a background check and pointed out about the fake news. Here’s the screenshot!

security guard clears IAS

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