Screen Mary Kom Movie in Manipur! Remove Ban on Bollywood Movies in the state!

 Please Screen MARY KOM in Manipur!

The whole country is eagerly waiting for the release of the movie MARY KOM based on the life of MC Mary Kom who has brought laurels to India in boxing.  She has conquered the world by becoming world champion 5 times and winning the most prestigious Olympic bronze medal in 2012 however, on September 5, when the whole nation celebrates, people in her own state (Manipur) will be left disappointed and heartbroken because the movie will not be Screened.

In 2000, Manipur’s  militant group Revolutionary Peoples Front gave a diktat to ban all the bollywood movies in the state with an intention to promote regional films in the state. Since then no theatre has even tried to screen Hindi movies.

However a look into reality reveals that almost all people are in favour of opening a decade-old ban on Bollywood movies again. If you ask any movie lover in Manipur, “hey have you seen 3 idiots? do you like Amir Khan?” definitely every one will say, ” yes why not… i like Amir khan” so despite strong grip of BAN on HINDI MOVIES many people continue to watch through CDS and over the internet.

Mary Kom Movie

Perhaps this is the right opportunity to remove the decade old long ban on Bollywood movies in Manipur. Mary Kom has brought many laurels to the state and the state should give her the honor by screening her movie in the state. Moreover regional Manipuri films has also make a strong fan base for themselves and so even if Bollywood movies enter the market, it will be less effected by it. 

If you love Mary Kom, if you love to promote sports in India, If you want to remove the ban of bollywood movies in Maniour, Share the post!

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