The isolate incidents of alleged Satan worshipers going berserk stuck the city again when a monolith erected in the memory of the visit of Pope John Paul-II at Golf Links, was vandalized by miscreants on Friday.

pope visit monument vandalized

This monolith was erected in the memory of the Pope who on February 4, 1986 presided over the Eucharistic celebration at Golf Course attended by nearly 2 lakh people from all over the Northeast.

member of satan worshipers shillong
member of satan worshipers with the satanic tattoo and inverted cross necklace

It may be mentioned that on July 18, a chapel belonging to the Catholic ChurchBellefonte at Lum Shyiap Cemetery near Golf Links was found in a desecrated state. The Satan worshippers broke a window to enter the Chapel and desecrate the sacred objects including the status of Christ and the Cross. The miscreants also removed and vandalized several crosses on the cenotaphs.

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Image Source: Telegraph India