Satan worshipers desecrate Chapel in Shillong. Here’s how satan worshipers are spreading in Meghalaya!

A chapel belonging to the Catholic Church Bellefonte at Lum Shyiap Cemetery near Golf Links was found in a desecrated state on Friday morning (18/07/2014) with the suspicion falling on Satan worshippers whose breed has been increasing by the day.

Suspected Devil worshipers broke into the Chapel, took the statue of Christ and placed it in front of the gate with the Cross upside down.  The miscreants also removed and vandalized several crosses on the cenotaphs.

According to reports, some children who were flying kites in the vicinity first noticed that some materials from the Chapel had been thrown around. They informed the nuns at the nearby convent who ascertained the matter. According to one of the nuns, candles were still burning in the Chapel and they were lit perhaps at night allegedly by the Satan worshipers who came to rekindle them during the day break.

Destroyed graves
Damaged graves

Satan worshipers are involved in damaging graves and walls.  Groups like the ‘Achik Underground Cult’, ‘Dark Star’ and ‘Outlawz’ have been spreading the message of Satanism among the young. 

Graffiti seen in Tura

“A few teens were observed to be dancing to satanic tunes in the middle of the night giving rise to the fear that voodoo practise may be back in the region. If some sources are to be believed, the practise has even spread to other areas of the region, including Williamnagar and a few other towns”

“All the boys were high school students and had tattoos on their bodies which looked like satanic images. They also had unique parallel lines etched across their stomachs,” a police official said.

The worshipers would be called for services after midnight at the cemetery and other locations, and asked to wear black T-shirts and be called by their new nicknames.


The worshipers wears black with this sign printed on the back

Earlier in May 2014, six year old girl, studying in class I in one of the schools of Williamnagar, was waylaid and kidnapped by satan worshipers. She was waylaid when she was walking back home alone due to the early closure of her school due to death of one person. The victim was kept confined in the same graveyard within the town and fed regularly.

According to the young girl, she saw a few other boys join the kidnapper and they began to pray drawing insignia into the ground to call on the devil. It was only due to the incessant crying and wails of the young girl that the group had a change of heart and let her go.

Satan Worshipers are spreading in NE specially in Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and is a great concern for the people!

Source: Meghalaya Times. The Shillong Times, TOI,
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