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This is how Sarita Laishram was robbed of winning in the Asian Games 2014

Sarita Laishram vs Ji Na Park semifinal 30 September 2014- a Korean matchfix!

Shame on International Olympic Association and shame on spineless Indian Olympic association officials.
Our boxer Sarita Devi broke down crying at the podium as she refused to accept her bronze medal to protest the WRONG decision AGAINST her.
Sarita accepted the medal in her hand and then gave it to silver medalist Ji Na Park (of host South Korea).

Earlier in the boxing match, Sarita BATTERED Park (the Korean boxer) with her punches but two of the judges awarded the round 10-9 in favor of the host fighter while only one judge gave the round 10-9 to Sarita. Thereafter, the biased judges declared Sarita the loser (despite her entirely dominating the bout).

It’s also humiliating to know that she had to borrow money from a journalist to lodge her protest against the decision BECAUSE officials from the Indian Olympic Association chose NOT to involve themselves in Sarita’s case. (And that protest too, was rejected by the International Boxing Association)

Sarita has put up a brave face and said she would continue to compete as she wants to set an example for future boxers. But it’s time we support her and tell her that she IS the real winner in our eyes.