No to Drugs, Yes to Street Dancing: Project DECODING FORTE presents Generation Squad!

Dancing is poetry with arms and legs
~Charles Baudelaire

If I had come across this quote 5 years ago, I would’ve never given it a glance. But, when you see your hometown boys cozy up to street dancing with so much passion and ease, you start to realize how dance is an art form, something like a poetry I so adore.

It was in 2012 that I came across Naga boys b-boying, namely the Elemenz Crew from Kohima. That was when I started paying more attention to street dancing (not to forget the movie ‘Step-up’ had a big role in it). From what little I can gather from their page, Elemenz Crew is still doing great, braving sticks and stones and being in love with what they do.

Now, I am seeing Unique Dancing Crew from Chumukedima doing just as awesome, female fans blowing their kisses to them. Not to forget, Hebron Heartbreakers from Dimapur, probably one of the oldest crew I know of.

But that’s not what I am here about today.

You see, yesterday, I woke up to the release of an awesome dance video from a very young dance crew Generation Squad from my hometown, Ukhrul.  It surprised me how in that little shabby town, almost gobbled up by substance abuse and unemployment, these young dancers still found a way to cope with their life more different than I did!

Parkouring, Back-flipping, one-hand balancing, the move gets better with each frame. This dance video is presented by The Dialog Media as their first video series from Project: DECODING FORTE, an initiative to promote the budding local talents. Have a look.

The more you watch these boys dance, you realize that the stronger they believed in their moves, the better they got at it!

Kudos to the Dialog Media team for this initiative. Here is a little bit more insight into what the project is all about.

“Project: DECODING FORTE is an initiative by the Dialog Media to promote the budding local talents from Ukhrul District, a hilly town tuck away in the craziness of Manipur, India. It is a series of events documented in VIDEOS to expose the young local talents to a larger platform; and build a connection with the public in a way that is close to our culture.

Our first pick of the Project is ‘GENERATION SQUAD’, a relentless and terrific dance crew in Ukhrul town.”

The Morung team wishes the Dialog Media the very best of luck in their project and look forward to seeing more unsung talents. We hope more of such initiative would come up.

Morungers, lets show our support to these talents by sharing the video. To keep a tab on the next video, you can follow their page on Facebook: The Dialog Media.
Or, subscribe to their YouTube channel here: The Dialog Media

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