Polar Lights’ new music video is the proof that NE Music Videos are now world-class!

North East Music Industry has been progressing at a very fast pace over the years. However when it comes music videos, we were lacking behind. But not anymore!!! With the rising of many young and talented Directors and Production company, our music videos have now reached a whole new level. Here’s one video that will convince you!

Polar Lights, one of the best rock band from Nagaland and maker of hit singles like A Murder Machine, Empty Hallway and A Candlelight, Parade etc has just released their brand new music video ‘Into The Light’. Directed and Edited by Tinted Light Studio, the music video is among the best Music video from the NE region.The Song is recorded at Jam Studio 11, Dimapur, Nagaland

In the last couple of years, NE music industry has grown to a whole new level. Many NE music videos are now airing on premier music channels like MTV, Vh1. Musics like this can surely put NE Music industry in the world map!

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