People of Manipur spends Rs 247.55 crore per year on festivals

IMPHAL, Mar 12 : Social researcher Serto Tondana Kom has claimed that the people of the State spend around Rs 247.55 crore on different festivals per year.

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club, the social researcher explained that as per census report, Manipur has 5,57,859 households and 28,55,794 people out of which 11,81,876 are Hindus, 11,79,043 are Christians, 2,39,836 are Muslims, 1527 Sikhs, 1692 Buddhists, 2,33,767 Jains and 10,969 are of other religions.

He said that the people of the State spend around Rs 247.55 crore annually on major festivals like Yaoshang, Sajibu Cheiraoba, Ningol Chakkouba, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Idul Fitre and Idul Zuha etc.

The social researcher claimed that excluding the small percent of people who could not celebrate the festival due to some inconveniences, the total Hindu population spend around Rs 12,610,60,900 per year in celebrating Yaoshang, Sajibu Cheiraoba, Diwali and Ningol Chakkouba.

Similarly, the total Christian population spend around Rs 10,864,87450 per year in festivals like Good Friday, Easter, Christmas while the Muslim population spend about Rs 1,279,52,000 annually on festivals like Idul Fire and Idul Zuha.

Manipur is one of the States with the lowest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) indicating that the money spent during the numerous festivals go away from the State, he added.
Serto conveyed that establishing manufacturing units specialising in producing items used in the major festivals, will help in improving the situation of the State’s economy, as currently the expenditure of the State exceeds the income which results in decreasing GDP.


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