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These Pakistani VIPs kept the flight delayed for 2 hours. And this is how they were treated by co-passengers!

KARACHI:  A mobile video clip showing Pakistani politician Rehman Malik being virtually chased away by airline passengers furious at being forced to wait over two hours for him has gone viral.

The incident took place on Monday when PIA’s flight PK 370 was waiting to take off from Karachi. After what seemed to be an interminable wait inside the aircraft for a “technical fault” a passenger was finally able to draw out the truth – the crew was expecting Rehman Malik of the Pakistan People’s Party, a former Interior Minister.

A group of passengers then positioned themselves at the entrance, determined not to allow Mr Malik in the flight. “Tell him to catch a bus,” sneered one passenger. “Is he god?” said another.

Mr Malik can be seen hovering at the aerobridge, trying to argue with the angry crowd that advanced on him, only to be shouted down by a chorus of “We don’t care! You are not a minister anymore! Come down to earth!”

He finally turned around and walked back towards the airport.

The drama was not over, however, as another passenger came sauntering in just after Mr Malik left. When he admitted that he was a lawmaker of the ruling PML-N, all passengers turned on him and chorused, “Shame! You made us wait. Get out of the plane.”

Pakistan’s national carrier has reportedly suspended some of its employees after the row.