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North East Students Clean Up Streets of Delhi University!

Every Year Students from all across the country come to study in Delhi University, But none have done what these North East Students of DU did. And this is one reason why NE Students are the best students in DU


In order to inculcate sense of hygienic and civic sense at dirty streets of Delhi, North East Students of Delhi University lead by example – cleaned and swept the 1 km dirty street from Motilal Nehru College to ARSD College.


The streets were littered with garbage, plastics, foul smelling wastages.


Principals of colleges, street vendors, shopkeepers, curious auto, taxis and rickshaw walas were awed with unbelievable gazing… these enthusiastic NE youth for their concern for clean delhi city. City journalists too were numbed…

One TV anchor asked me why this dirty cleaning of street ? I retorted – NE people are basically clean in heart and we love clean surrounding for healthy life.  North Youth students at Delhi wants to tell Delhites…keep your heart and surrounding clean for peaceful co-existence.


 This are the photos where Deputy commissioner MCD south were scolded the officer badly saying that If we the MCD couldn’t clean up south area within 2/3years then resign your post and submit the Application to me because its a shame where north east people coming from far distance place cleaning the Delhi university street properly within one day where MCD fail. He even force all the officer to work as a punishment . 


Hats off to North East students Society of Delhi for organizing such innovative ideas to tell our message of love and care.