North East Netizens Responses To Chinky Girl’s Letter To The Chinky Boy.

Angellica Aribam’s response to the chinky boy’s letter to Delhi Police has faced a lot of criticism from fellow North Easterners. We have compiled some of the comments we received on our facebook page as well as on our website. The comments below are unedited, well we have just added colons between Author and their comments!

Well to start of, some people supports her courage to speak up!

Michelle Brahma : Go Angellica! Bravo!

Halley Nongmaithem : Kudos to that ‘chinky’ congresswoman! Feeling the heat of patriarchy right now. Thabal chongba music in the background and yet a lone woman like me can’t go out and enjoy. I wish I could eat up patriarchy.

But many had a different opinion and were irritated by her response to Chinky boy’s letter to Delhi Police. Here are some of the best comments.

Bovito Swu : Pathetic article. Trying to prove herself as spilling the beans of northeast culture and practices, but am sorry to tell you this chinky sister. I tell you, if your metei community is practising the rigid unseen patriarchical, it doesn’t mean you can generalise us. Expose your community itself. Don’t generalise. How much do you know of our practices. Don’t you know there are many matriarchical tribal groups in northeast which can hardly be seen in any part of the country? Don’t you know we in northeast pay the bride a dowry in northeast India? what on earth tradition or mindset is that the boy are expected to be born first in family? Which community exactly is it? Coming to taboo of inter-community marriage, ofcourse that prevails everywhere but do we kill the eloped ones? Have you ever notice that in our northeast India? the caste system kills them in mainland India. Lastly, moral policing reply of yours is more pathetic than your article. Don’t you know how Indian women are allowed to wear Sarees which exposed her 60% of body while women are not allow to wear jeans and shirts which covers 80% of her body. Not forgetting your threats on writing a book on the list of our evil practices, go ahead I’ll be the first to advertise it in northeast India.

Gitauditya Laishram : Dear sister, u sud hv thought atleast a sec before uttering such words… Myself being a manipuri too is ashamed of wat u hv said… Don’t know with which intention u hv said but plis don’t sell our motherland’s dignity by saying such false assumption… I agree u might hv faced wat u said but that doesn’t meant the whole northeast or the whole manipur is the same… Plis do think atleast a bit before delivering in the public… Urs small sister from manipur…

Cule Erom : Boy got the whole point and elaborated in general as a North eastern but dear sister took things too personally and shared her life story within her state and tribe……..

Allem Mer : Her pointers are weak, more like imaginative facts. Chinky brother has a point and he was talking in general, chinky sister tried to make herself seen by over riding the general facts giving an example of maybe (her society), which is right but not valid in the chinky boy’s post argument. BOOOOOO girl, feminism or activism went wrong perhaps? Next time, stick argument within the designated boundary.

Katoho Keith Sukhalu : You have entirely defeated the purpose of “chinky boy’s” open letter.the word chinky is used to describe people from the northeast and not just Manipur!in case you haven’t heard we eat patriarchy in the northeastern state of Meghalaya!the other social evils that you mentioned is minuscule in the north east as compared to mainland India.i agree we’re far from perfect however your timing could have been better and I fail to understand what you were trying to achieve by writing this counter open letter!

Guilouba Kadeikeime : i appreciate her courage in speaking out the ill- practice prevailing in her community,, may her community be free from such practices as soon as possible,, n i think her community should learn from among the neighbouring tribal communities..

Tiala Imchen : About the menstruation thing, it is false. And maybe it happens in your meitei society but it doesn’t happen in my naga society. Also, you have fallen into the trap of trying to generalise the entire north east as the same type of society. If you didn’t know already let me remind you that customs in your place are totally different from those in others. Just a request to you to refrain from speaking without checking facts.

Matsung Longkumer : We cannot compare caste system with the social structure in north east, it’s movable. Secondly I certainly do not agree with what you say as dowry in north east. Again it’s two very different thing. But I can understand when you say you ate a Brahmin, that speaks louder then your argument

Omg! I’m lucky dat i’m born in Arunachal Pradesh not manipur as here we dont follow what ever the other letter said.

May be that is the narrative of a chinky meitei gal, but that ain’t the case of Nagas. You can’t bring into accountability the whole liberal North East just because of your conservative meitei mindset, the so called a chinky girl.

And some comments were a lil more personal…

Kptn Shikari Shamboo : That chinky lady she is a betrayal.. She also always betray our North East people during the DU election time..

Khevito Elvis Lee : One of the worst example of a northeastern I have ever encountered in my entire life . She is full of politics and always seeks attention.

James Kangabam : Wow Miss Aribam you are now so famous all over. Nothing personal but your letter or whatever it was, that was the most idiotic , dumbass,unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, dull-witted,slow-witted, witless, slow, dunce-like, simple-minded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, half-witted, idiotic, moronic…wheww!!!… thing Ive ever come across in my entire life. Let me enlighten u a bit of knowledge on your stupid wat so call letter.. 1. First n foremost ..u termed urself a manipuri, rather a Meitei. Im SORRY to say this but u r not a meitei. Please re-view ur history ..ARIBAM..BAMON rather Brahmin.. You bamons originate from the indo-aryan group which came from Bengal. U dnt bliv?? CEITHAROL KUMBABA ….want an easier proof?? ..ask ur elders. 2. ABOUT YOUR PATRIARCHY COMMENTS— Miss Aribam , do u even know what the term exactly means..Patriarchy actually means a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Ok since u are so much concern about Manipur and not the whole of north east lemme tell u dis. In what way do u see a Meitei women or any Manipuri woman for that matters ,being excluded from the society. Power of Manipuri women is famous throughout the globe. From Meira paibi to nisha band, from ema keithel to nupi lal, from sharmila to kangla issue. OMG where do u see the lack of women power. Ok as per your context a boy is more liked than a baby girl. O cmon it depends on the family …dont u think so. I want a baby girl first for that matters. I dnt know which world do u still live in that makes u think or criticise in this manner. 2. YOUR IDEA OF DOWRY- Ok agreed that parents have to face burdens sometimes about the send off items for their daughters marriage. However ..have u ever seen a bridegroom’s parent asking or forcing the bride’s family for money or a more expensive furniture or tv brand????….The term dowry means a prior settlement before the marriage in terms of money, car , property etc..which does not happen in Manipur AT ALL..What you mean by saying Awunpot is actually the gifts from parents , neighbours or relatives and maybe friends in which no pre settlement is done. The family of both sides never talks about items to be brought. It is just a matter of love amd care that awunpots are given.. Now tell me what about the cost of makeup box and the expensive rani fi which the groom has to pay for the bride.. And what about the mangani chakouba money or the awunpot athangman money which the groom give to the brides family..Shall i call it as a dowry too.. Payment of dowry is now prohibited under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 in Indian civil law and subsequently by Sections 304B and 498a of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Hence lets see if ur future husband is jailed while getting u married with ur awunpot. You mentioned- ‘ If a bride doesn’t bring a gift, she’ll be mocked by the lovely aunties from the neighbourhood’.. Okay so in ur marriage if u look funny or u look ugly..ur lovely aunts will mock at u..can u do somethin about that. Can u buy and change ur ugly looking face. Cmon mockery happens in many society in this world. 3.MENSTURATION- REALLY ??? I MEAN REALLY?? Wife’s really seperated from husband at sleep.. Seriously????Meiteis are intelligent from the beginning. They calculate hours of a day by looking at the sun, meiteis introduced umbilical cord culture long time back etc etc..likewise it was known to the meiteis at the very earlier stage about women’s ovulation process and hence many practice sex during periods from the olden as to get pregnant. By the way women are highly fertile during periods. Regarding the untouchability act lemme tell u the actual idea. Its not the untouchability. Women cook, work, raise kids etc . In a month when you have the most umcomfy days with bleed and pain, women were asked to take rest where another woman or even a male substitutes. With the intrusion of your

Well, allow us to end this post with the below comment!

Jorden Brahma Wangdi : I thought this C word was illegal. Is anyone gonna locked both of them up or not???

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