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Peimingam A Zimik to Release His Brand New Single This Feb!


Peimingam A Zimik, maker of hit single ‘Stay With Me’, is gearing up for the release of his brand new single. We caught up with him for a little chit-chat!

And If you haven’t listen to his debut single yet, click the ‘Play Button’ below!

In conversation with Peimingam A Zimik.

Morung: First of all thank your time. Please tell us a little more about you.

Angam: Pleasure is all mine. Well, I’m a fun loving person, a believer of ‘change within and change beyond’. And I love puzzles.

Morung: Your debut single ‘Stay with me’ was well received by the audience and the critics alike. It also created quite a buzz on our website. How do you feel about it? What’s your reaction? How are people around you responding to it?

Angam: I didn’t actually even dream of going this out beyond my friends circle. Haha… It all started with a little bit of inspiration and a little push from friends. But it really feels great when you actually learn that people are listening to your song… I’m like ‘holy crap! They are listening to my song!’ LOL… Reactions from few friends were ‘what made you do this? I didn’t know you sing’. LOL

Morung: What’s the song ‘Stay with me’ all about? Was it inspired by any special lady?

Angam: It’s an expression of a feeling when you are spending time with someone close to you… You just don’t want to end the day. It’s pretty much inspired by someone. šŸ˜‰

Morung: Well with that note, this question goes out for the lady fans. Are you single? And ready to mingle?

Angam: No comments. haha

Morung: We heard you are working on your new single. Can you brief us a bit about it? When can we expect the release?

Angam: As a matter of fact, yes. It’s a very exciting project so far and I am so glad to have wonderful musician friends who have helped me from every direction and yes we are almost there. We are on the process of finalizing the production. Should be out by 1st week of Feb perhaps…

Morung: What’s the title of your new single? Or is it a secret?

Angam: Well,it’s a secret as of now. You guys will know soon!

Morung: Do you think your new single will create as much buzz as your debut single?

Angam: The project that I’m working on right now is a whole different concept. Let’s hope for the best.

Morung: Apart from music what do you love doing? What are your other hobbies?

Angam: I spend most of my time chilling out with friends. Photography is one thing I’m really interested in.

Morung: If you are to work with any of the female artist/ band from NE, who will it be?

Angam: Well that will be ‘Minutes of Decay’. They are just awesome!

Morung: If you are to collaborate with any male artist/band from NE, who will it be?

Angam: Polar light is a great band. I find their music very creative and mature.

Morung: Tell us about your favourite Artist. And any favourite artist from NE regions? Any musician who had inspired you?

Angam: Kurt Cobain. I’d vote for Polar Lights again. šŸ˜‰

Big fan of Kurt Cobain, The Beatles, Coldplay, Dan Wilson, Mike Rosenberg, Jack Johnson, lists goes on… I just love their originality, being true to their thoughts and perception of how they see things and then turning that thought into art. That really inspires me.

Morung: NE music industries is growing, however there are so many problems and bottlenecks. As a musician, what do you think are the hindrance to the growth of music industry in the NE. And what do you suggest to solve those problems

Angam: I may not have that much of inputs on this but one thing I notice is musician needs a good producers.


Well we surely can’t wait for the release of his new single! Wishing him the best!


Peimingam A Zimik to Release His Brand New Single This Feb! 3
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