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The Tale of Two Musicians: When There is a Will, There is a Way!


Once upon a time, there were two young talented musicians. To learn and teach better music, they moved to the big city, away from their cozy home. Music lovers, young and old alike assembled to celebrate music with them, numbers grew, the passion flared up.

Soon enough, it became a sanctuary from the chaotic world. But the problem began when they started looking for a place to perform. They wanted to share the music with the world, but none would let them take the stage. None was willing to take a chance on these young passionate musicians.

Tired of the closed doors, these two young musicians decided to create their own stage. They wanted to share the talents of their pupils to the world, to spread a symphonic peace and harmony.

Creating their own opportunity and finding a way when there wasn’t any, Mystery of the Gift Foundation was formed.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the two young musicians who decided to do something about their fate, and not just to help themselves but to also help many other musicians with a common performing platform.

Founders of Mystery of the Gift Foundation

Meet Mr. Ungrumso Raman, Classical Guitar Instructor and Ms. Thingchonphi Vashum, Violin Instructor, the founders of Mystery of the Gift Foundation. Both hailing from Manipur State (a Manipur Naga), they are currently based in New Delhi.

Mystery of the Gift Foundation is founded with an aim to promote and provide a performing opportunity to talented musicians across all genres, mindless of caste or creed. They focus on imparting music education to young children, passionate musicians, so as to create greater awareness and appreciation in understanding classical music as a career option.

Mr. Ungrumso adds in, “At Mystery of the Gift Foundation, we encourage music performance at all levels, of all ages from all walks of life. Through this, we hope that they will bridge the cultural gaps and unite local and global communities.

When asked about how and what let them start this initiative, they explained that while educating their students, they got more back from them than they gave. Their student’s enthusiasm and passion motivated them. However, they realized that even though the students had the talent, no platform was available for them to perform.

With broad smiles and a barely concealed excitement, Ms. Thingchonphi adds in “This was then that decided to establish a platform for our students, and for struggling musicians like us because there is no ‘bad’ in music and each piece is worthy of hosting an audience.”

With the little of what they had saved from their teaching, they started the foundation.

[The Morung team wishes them the BEST]

As a first initiative, Mystery of the Gift Foundation is holding its first music recital at the Korean Cultural Centre on Saturday, 7th of November!

Organized in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre’s Dream Project, the recital will feature 15 young musicians with 3 solo performances (i.e. 8 Solo Guitar pieces with 1 Violin accompaniment, 2 vocal solos with 1 duet), 4 Violin Ensemble, and 1 Classical Guitar Ensemble. The recital will take up to a total of two-hour performance.

All proceeds from this evening will benefit the foundation’s effort to provide a performing platform for talented musicians who are devoid of a platform to showcase their talents. It will also benefit in their effort to provide free music education to less privileged children who are passionate in music.

Performers at Mystery of the gift music recital
Here is a sneak peak into some of the performing artist

[PS: To know more about the initiative (or the recital ticket), please visit their Facebook Page: Mystery of the Gift Foundation, Website: mysteryofthegift.org ]

The Tale of Two Musicians: When There is a Will, There is a Way! 3
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