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Moral Policing Again | Man tied & beaten up in Hojai

Guwahati/Doboka, June 26: Another incident of moral policing has been reported in Assam and this time the incident has been reported from Hojai’s Murajhar where it was seen that a person was tied up to a tree and was mercilessly beaten up by a person.

The incident according to sources took place on Tuesday and it came to light after a video was made viral on social media.

In the video that was made viral, it was seen that a person who has been identified as Anuwar Hussain was tied up to a tree and was then mercilessly beaten by a person whose identity is yet to be revealed.

The person was seen beating Anuwar in front of other locals who were just standing and watching the whole incident. The incident took place for at least an hour but after some concerned people gathered, the whole act came to an end.

Currently, the local police have been informed about the whole issue and an investigation based on the video has been initiated.