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You may be skeptical about Christiano Ronaldo's zig-zag haristyle, but you will definitely love the story behind it!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new zig-zag patterned haircut drew a range of reactions when he unveiled it to the world ahead of Portugal’s 2-2 draw with the USA on Wednesday.

But according to a story circulating online it seems his new engraving on the right side of his head is less of a fashion statement and more of a kind gesture towards a young boy in Spain.


Rumours are circulating the Internet that Cristiano Ronaldo‘s new haircut is a tribute to a Spanish child,Erik Ortiz Cruz  who suffers from a brain condition.

Ronaldo paid Erik Ortiz Cruz’s entire £50,000 medical fee as he underwent brain surgery recently and the jagged line incorporated into his new haircut is rumoured to be a nod to the youngster’s surgery scars.


Though he have failed to win the hearts of the fans by not scoring goals, he have won the hearts of millions of people with this great gesture!

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