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Manipur Police seize narcotic drugs from post office!

manipur police seized nacrotics
Photo credit: Manipur times facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ManipurTimes

A huge consignment of psychotropic drugs sent through post from Delhi and Kolkata and addressed to seven persons, including non-Manipuris has been seized by sleuths of Imphal East Police Narcotics Cell from Imphal Post Office on Thursday.

Even though worth of the illegal drugs is yet to be worked out, sources in the Narcotics Cell estimate the seizure to be in terms of lakhs of rupees.

The drugs, in 10 parcels, were reportedly mailed by parcel-post in the address of seven persons/firms located here.

It is said that based on specific information about arrival of the drugs consignment at the Post Office, personnel of Imphal East Narcotics Cell, including some in civvies, were deployed inside as well as outside the Post Office to ensure that consignments do not land in the hands of the drug dealers.

After isolation of 10 parcels on suspicion that they contained drugs, the contents were subsequently checked at around 3 pm with the approval of the Magistrate concerned, eventually resulting in confiscation of the consignments as they were found to contain spasmo-proxyvon (SP) and Nitrosun-10 (N-10) tablets.

Informing that the parcels were sent from Delhi and Kolkata to Imphal on October 14, the sources revealed that nine out of 10 parcels had 56-BRB Basu Road, Kolkata as address of the sender with one sent from Shree Shankar Road, New Delhi.

The consignments were supposed to be received by N Ranjan c/o PP Store Keishampat Junction; Sandwip Kumar, Paona Bazar (three boxes); H Somorjit c/o Rajni Store, Thangal Bazar; Th Sushila c/o AT Variety Store, Keishampat Junction; Kh Tony Meetei c/o RP Store, Thangal Bazar, M Virendra Singh, Thangal Bazar (two boxes); and M Pawan Kumar, Paona Bazar.

According to Post Master Laishram Raikumar, a team of Narcotics Cell arrived for checking consignments armed with an order of the Magistrate.

On checking the isolated boxes in the presence of Post Office personnel the contents were found to be psychotropic drugs, said the Post Master who also informed that all consignments sent through flight services/air cargoes undergo mandatory verification at the airport concerned before reaching the post office.

Raikumar, however, conceded that he has no knowledge on the checking/verification procedures followed in these airports.

Meanwhile, police have registered a case in connection with seizure of the contraband items for investigation and relevant measures to trace origin or recipients of the consignments.

Source: Manipur Times