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What This Man Did For His Daughter Will Leave You In Tears.

McKenzie Carey was born on April 20, 2002. In October of 2003, just eighteen months into her life, she was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, a life-threatening illness that keeps her from being able to walk or talk.

It does not, however, keep her from performing in pageants. No, when you have parents like the ones McKenzie does, not even an inability to walk or talk can keep you from singing and dancing for all to see.

Her mother says she and McKenzie’s father are her voice and legs. Take a look at how much she actually means that.

There is no known cure for Mitochondrial disease, but McKenzie has been responding well to alternative therapies. Unfortunately, these are very expensive.

You can help McKenzie’s family provide her with the care she needs by donating to her GoFundMe page.

Courtesy: Viralnova