And this is how Magician Dynamo predicts the World Cup result!

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Move over Microsoft Cortana or that twitter user FIFAcorrupt, Dynamo predicts World Cup final result and in style!!!

This is how Magician Dynamo predicts the result!

Magician Dynamo came into the Sky Sports News studio during the World Cup where he handed over a sealed brown envelope containing a CD featuring his predictions for the tournament, and announced he’d be back to reveal his contents soon.

The CD was been held under lock and key by Sky security, until Monday when Dynamo returned to reveal that he correctly predicted Neymar’s injury and the exact minute of Germany’s winner goal!

On July 15 morning he returned and invited the hosts to open the package and then play the CD contained within it!!!

Magician, Dynamo launches new partnership with Pepsi MAX by levitating on an iconic London Red Bus as it travels across Westminster Bridge

His predictions:

Dynamo had recorded his projections for the World Cup final weeks, the first being that either Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi would be forced out of the contest due to injury. This, of course, happened to Neymar. Dynamo then correctly guessed that this would be a back injury.

Dynamo’s next prediction was that the final would be between a European team and a Latin American team – Italy or Germany vs Argentina.

Finally, the magic man said that the winning goal – the only goal of the match – would be scored by the youngest player on the pitch after 113 minutes.

Germany’s Mario Gotze, of course, scored in extra time.

Dynamo, 30, then signed off with “Auf Wiedersehen” – Goodbye in German – hinting that he knew they would be the ultimate winners.

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