Lawsuit. Erroneous Scorecards. Rematch. The Controversy of #MayPac Goes On!

When Pacquiao’s fan are just recovering from his loss to Mayweather, Fox Sports reported that Pacquiao  could be charged with disciplinary action from a Nevada boxing authority for failing to report the shoulder injury ahead of his fight with Mayweather! [What? Like losing was not enough. I know right?]

If that wasn’t enough, a lawsuit has been filed against Manny Pacquaio over shoulder injury seeking $5M in damages. This lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Tuesday morning. Filed on behalf of Kami Rahbaren and Staphane Vane who reside in Clark County. According to the suit being filed, the plaintiffs relied on misrepresentations and non-disclosures when buying tickets or pay-per-veiw showings and wagering on the “Fight of the Century.

Why did Pacquiao not disclose his injury on a commission questionnaire before the fight? An investigation team is being hustled up as we speak by the state attorney general’s office. Here is a look at the pre-fight questionnaire that shows Pacquaio did not mention his injury.

#MayPac Pre-fight questionnaire

So what if he didn’t? According to Nevada Athletic Commission, they want to make sure fighters are giving them up-to-date information.

We mentioned in our earlier report how the comission refused Pacquiao to have an injection into his shoulder. Well, it turns out, as reported by L. A. Times, a pre-fight treatment plan had been approved by USADA in writing at least five days before the fight. However, since the commission was not made aware of the treatment plan, they blocked the injections on the night of the fight. (Manny’s team said “NO” to injury questions in the pre-fight questionnaires. )

Let’s hope and pray that Manny does not face any charges.

Moving on, Manny is set to undergo his shoulder surgery later this week to repair a torn rotator cuff (no exact date has been stated). His injury now appears to be more serious than it initially sounded. This means, Manny could be out between 9 and 12 months if his rehabilitation progresses well!

#MayPac Manny
Manny Pacquiao pictured on Monday with his arm in a sling as he prepares to undergo surgery @MailOnline

We have Good news, Bad news. First, lets take the bad news. [And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse!]

Two SCORECARDS have been making it’s round (for those of you who didn’t get to see it). This was what the initially released scorecard looked like. These were supposedly the original cards that showed the red corner – where Pacquiao was seated – winning on all three cards.

#MayPac Scorecard

If you go by this, then this is how you would match with the boxing ring-

#MayPac wrong-scorecards-20150504_B0DA686C3CAF4D86AA691C6A68B52F15

This sent the social media roaring yet again. But the Nevada Athletic Commission sent a corrected version of the scorecards to Rappler on Monday afternoon, along with copies of the individual round scorecards. Take a look:

#MayPac Corrected_May_v_Pac_scorecard__tickets-01_232D8CF88A864DE68598BEBD7EE68C70

Here are the cards of the three judges for round 9, showing two scoring it for Pacquiao and one for Mayweather:

#MayPac Corrected_May_v_Pac_scorecard__tickets-010_A1488885D45D442F9025E4FD0A83D240

Oh well, corrected or not, Manny definitely seem to have been the winner of hearts, as he himself is adamant to believe that he won.

GOOD NEWs is, May weather wants Pacquiao rematch after surgery!

#MayPac  Rappler on Twitter   Rematch in 2016   FloydMayweather says he’ll fight  MannyPacquiao again in a year http oUUVJfNT3R  MayPac http EISRmZG2Uk

Wasn’t re-match what everybody was asking for? The only downside is, Mayweather would have to wait for at least 9-12 months!

Here is me signing off with the famous Memes created around the web after Mayweather defeated Picquiao.

#MayPac Meme

This one definitely does take the cake! More follows.

#MayPac Meme

Everybody’s been picking on Mayweather for his inability to read. At least, this meme picked on both fighters.

#MayPac meme

That seemed like quite a dance move there, ain’t so?

#MayPac meme

This one seemed to be everyone’s favourite. And with that let me sign off. Will be back with more news, till then, it’s #TeamManny!


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