Irked By Mainland Indians Ignorance About North East, These Guys Made A Music Video ‘Welcome To The North East’

By Morung
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“The Konflated Poets” is a two member Guwahati based Hip Hop crew formed in early 2014 by Denil Mayr & Rick-Skillz !

With the increasing case of discrimination against the NE people living in the cities, and the ignorance of the mainland Indians about the NE, the duo has released their official video titled ‘WELCOME TO THE NORTH EAST’. As the title suggest, the song is all about NE. Pack with a powerful lyrics and a catchy tune, this song is a message to all the Ignorant Indians! 

“We Like To Welcome You To The North East
Bet You Never Find Another Place Like This”

Here’s the lyrics:

(Denil Mayr) verse 1:

One for the culture/
two for the seven sisters/
three for my people from the NORTH-EAST
Now this one is all about the NORTH-EAST/
where my peoples at ?
whrere them girls at ?
where my, where my, where my NEians at ??
Bring that Noise, when we rap about NORTH-EAST/
cornucopia, supernatural variegate, hilly-greenary NORTH-EAST/
Miraculous, marvelous land where the histories built/
seven sisters, land where the MARY KOM’s born & grown
talented underground musicians homes/
I think i better close yours big-mouth
east west north south/
NE HIP-HOP straight to the world/
MAYR from manipur representing NORTH EAST
along with ma brother RICKSKILLZ rapping NORTH EAST/
Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam/

(RickSkillz) Verse 2:
39 million people living in together
get a certified taste of the beauty & the weather, Uh/
Linguistic region, 220 languages,
secular region like a fully loaded cartridges/
practices, ritual-individual, traditional-cultural-multicultural, Uha/
Since we got the best flavours of the town,
if you critizise us, can’t never bring us down/
God gifted people dedicated their skills,
with the motive to reknown their artistic thrills, Like/
Shiva Thapa, MC Mary Kom, two of our very own,
knocked out punches cycloned/
When we rap about North East to the fullest,
riving the talents outstrech our limits/
In short, have faith and trust,
complications never arise betwwen you and us/
Well, this is just to show how much care do we make,
swear to god we the one that we never gonna break/
This is me, this is you, this is us that we need,
give a damn to the haters, pledge my homage to the creed, Yo/
Got some diplomats reppin for the peace,
cause we live for our dreams, we believe could achieve/
And I, hope that one day it all will be fine,
cause my love for my people, is like a faith on divine/

(Denil Mayr & Amitabh Barooa) HOOK(2x):
We Like To Welcome You To The North East
Bet You Never Find Another Place Like This

(RickSkillz) Verse 3:
From the view of the hill side,
come along to the banks of the river side/ yeah
It’s a paradise, Aha
withness with your eyes, yo!!
magnificent sight, yao!!!
along comes the livelihood eco-friendly vibes/
So, kicking in the bass, kicking in my flow,
I would like to tell you about North-East that you wanna know/
Turn your speakers out loud, it’s a message to the crowd,
from the east to the west, north to the south/
Evergreen meadows, evergreen tea,
like the flaura and the fauna nature evergreen/
at the corners of the country, ultimate scenic beauty/
As we know about the seven sister state,
including Sikkim as the Himalayan state/
North-East, we pay homage to this land
North-East Hip Hop straight to the world/

(Denil Mayr) Verse 4:
Chinky eyes, face mongolian,ching chong
they used to call us chinese
meitei,the NE finest/
MANIPUR, Home of the jewel
Artistic people, Incredible talents/
Seven sister combination, Multi-cultural
Miscellanious colours, Triple-M, Single-A,T, A.P, Single-N/
Sister flavour, Hilldside Bank
Bet you close ignorance ,when you taste our wide range/
Infinite Tribal ,Infinite Language
where we living in the same land/
Who said south side got the best?
Better get a tour and better get a taste
bet you never find a place like this/
N hyphen EAST Home of The beautiful girls, Pyrotechnian
Bevy at the corner of INDIA, brilliance Asian NEian genial/
games maniac, culture mania ,dance variance – garia
BIHU, sua-lua, Nongkrem, Bardo Chamn, Cheraw & Pung Cholom etc/
Rhi-Ngai(Rhino sangai), Kaziranga, Loktak, brahmaputra/
welcome to seven baronial gradient magical famous salubrious region
Indigenous NORTH-EAST(2x)

(Denil Mayr & Amitabh Barooa) HOOK(4x):
We Like To Welcome You To The North East
Bet You Never Find Another Place Like This


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