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Inspired by Eminem’s movie ‘8 Mile’, the way this guy has evolved as a rapper is amazing



Big Deal aka Samir Rishu Mohanty hails from Puri, Orissa. He is born to a Japanese mother and Indian father but his upbringing has been at his Aunt’s place in Darjeeling which introduced him his high school sweetheart and later to be the love of his life, Hip Hop.


He started rapping at the age of 17 after watching the movie 8 mile. Inspired by the rawness and the sheer power of the freedom of expression, he began to pen down his own thoughts in the form of rhymes.

 In the beginning it was more of a way to stand out and gain attention but things got serious when he started using rap as a tool to vent. That’s HOW he started to rap.


Now what you witness is a full-fledged Rapper/Singer/Beat Producer all rolled up in one. He believes in getting things done independently so that’s how he does it. And that’s the Big Deal!

 His many Achievements includes:-

 • Vh1 Rap battle winners (with Two Much)

• Video played on MTV Roots

• One whole episode on MTV Sync with Blaaze

• Qyuki artist of the month(March)

• Endorsed by Beats By Dr.Dre

• Songs played on Radio

• 2 interviews on Radio One 94.3FM

• Various website and magazine features

• Over 60,000 plays and 5000 downloads


Catch the Artist here


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Inspired by Eminem's movie '8 Mile', the way this guy has evolved as a rapper is amazing 1

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