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India's First Mixed Martial Arts Event 'Yoddha Fighting Championship' Organized in Nagaland!

Everybody love to watch Mixed Martial Arts events such as UFC , Bellator etc on televisions, but now you can watch India’s own MMA event Yoddha Fighting Championship (YFC) live right here in Nagaland!!!


The Yoddha Fighting Championship 2014 tryout is history in the making. The first time in India that amateur MMA fighters from Nagaland, Assam and Mumbai were given an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of an audience that has just been introduced to the sport. THEY LOVED IT!

YFC is the brainchild of ‘Team Relentless’ which promises to develop the sport of MMA in India, the way that the sport should be propagated. So log on, stay tuned and continue to support the growth of this global sport. Let’s put India on the map.

For more information and update, visit the official facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nagalandcombatsports

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