And this is how Indians killed Google, Facebook and WhatsApp!

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When it comes to copying brand names, Indians and Chinese tops the charts! Here are some of the top brand names you will find in India in an unusual way!

NOKIA BRICKS! Now that the Nokia phones are out of market, the nokia retailers in India have ventured into brick business!


Nokia Bricks


METTALICCA Hardware Shop! The owner surely must be one hell of a Mettallica fans! 



SFC: SARDAR’s FISH n CHICKEN! I guess it surely taste better than KFC!!!


FUMA: Just change ‘P’ to ‘F” and add cigarette!  


Facebook Stationery Store: Mark Zuckerberg funded this shop!

Facebook Stationery

Facebook Temple: And that’s how you get more facebook likes and also visitors to the temple!

Facebook Temple

Google water: They say it’s more tasty than other packaged drinking water!


Hotel Google: If you think Google are only into technologies, you are wrong! You will find hotel Google in India!!!

hotel google

And of course there is Google pan masala!!!

Google pan masala

And not to forget this Whatsapp Hotel! You can click the food items and whatsapp it to your friends!!! Free!!!




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