Ibobi will spend time in Jail because of Corruption: Tapir Gao. Is Ibobi's regime nearing its end?



“The BJP has been demanding a CBI inquiry into the Rs 370 crore Loktak Lake cleaning scam even before the party came to power in the Centre, and now that the party has come to power at the Centre, the CBI will soon come to investigate.

Ibobi will one day spend time in the jail because of corruption, he declared before adding that schemes are implemented in only paper in the State”.

BJP, national secretary (in-charge of Manipur and Nagaland) Tapir Gao

Excerpt from the news posted by Imphal Free Press

PS: Ibobi is also known as Mr Ten Percent for the amount of money that he takes from contracts and government projects.

“In a September 2006 confidential cable released by WikiLeaks, Henry Jardine, principal officer, US consulate general in Kolkata, underscored the corrupt state of affairs in Manipur. The US official, reporting that rampant corruption was complicating the effort to control rising violence in the state, also mentioned that chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh was known as “Mr. Ten Percent”, for the amount of money that he takes from contracts and government projects.” Wikileaks


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