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How Armies are molesting women in Arunachal is just SICK!


As the state  grapple’s with the issue of imposition of AFSPA that gives the army a free hand to kill and terrorise millitants and civillians alike,12 Indian Army personnel are accused of molesting three Arunachalee women in Jullang village of Lower Taraso in Papum Pare on April 6.

Techi K, a widow said that some Army personnel had come in the evening to her house. “They wanted to know how many people were in the house. They asked me where my husband was and whether I have any grown up male member in the house”.

Soon, they left but only to come back at midnight.

“They barged into my bedroom. They did not say anything to me but ripped apart the mosquito net and started touching my face and other parts of the body. They misbehaved with me” says the shocked woman.

They left the house, only to land at Techi Y’s house.
“The Army came at 12 AM to my house and assaulted me”.
“What kind of law is that allows Army to enter our houses at midnight without our permission” she asks as she struggles to share what happened with her.

Army entered the bedroom of a married couple in another house too. “We were sleeping when Army entered our room and started to misbehave with my wife. When I protested, they dragged me out of the house. There were 12 of them. They left our compound laughing”, says a man, too shocked to comprehend the situation.

The villagers stunned at the audacity of the Armies are questioning the legality of such unwarranted action.

An FIR has been lodged against the Army/Paramilitary by the villagers at Balijan Police Station accusing Indian Army of public atrocity, outraging the modesty of women and trespassing. OC Balijan Hano Chatung said that case has been registered and detailed enquiry will be conducted.


Source: The Northeast Today