Traveling Safe In Delhi Becomes A Reality! Here is Hornbill Travels At Your Service.

You left home early to attend a wedding party. The wedding stretched on for too long and now it’s past 12. Metros are most likely closed or it’s probably too late to travel alone.

Of course, there is the auto. But travel in an auto this late at night? Okay. How about call up JustDial and get a taxi that’s available? Oh, there is the Uber Taxi too? Nope. It’s too risky! Look at the rape and assault rate spiked up in Delhi! No, no, no!

Now you are stranded there. Too polite to accept your colleague’s offer for a ride home. Too panicky to call up a taxi or take an auto. There goes one of the worst night of your life, sorry story of booking cabs in Delhi NCR.

Haven’t we been through this situation at least once, in Delhi! Yes?

But I say, NO MORE! Whether it is 12 at night or 3 in the morning, you now have a taxi that you can RELY on.

Hornbill Travels To The Rescue

Meet the man who has made that possible!

Mashungam Shimrah alias Angam, the founder and CEO of Hornbill Travels- one of the first taxi service to be run by a NorthEastern in the whole of Delhi NCR. Young and inspiring, this 31 year old entrepreneur  has made traveling in Delhi so much safer.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels owner- Mashunngam Shimrah

Hornbill Taxi Service commenced it’s taxi service in the whole of Delhi NCR from February 2015.

A  little catch-up with this spirited Entrepreneur

Angam graduated in B. Com from Khalsa College, Delhi University. He pursued his schooling from D.A.V School Delhi. Hailing from Ukhrul, Manipur, he is currently settled in Gandhi Vihar, North Delhi. 

Becoming an Army Officer was his dream. What Changed His Mind?

“My close association with people from Delhi during my schools days and college days was what changed my mind. It provided me an opportunity to see the positive side of owning an enterprise. My biased and prejudiced opinion held on starting my own enterprise in a city like Delhi slowly changed.

I started seeing myself owning a business here both as an opportunity and a huge challenge. Opportunity because of endless possibility that we can think in this big city, and a huge challenge because of the stiff competition.”

Was His Journey Smooth?

” No. I had my own share of struggles and I learned my own lessons from it.

Hornbill Travels is certainly not my first business venture in New Delhi. I tried venturing in different business sectors which did not work out for me. But I didn’t let that not stop me from looking for opportunities in other sectors.”

(Yes! And that’s how Hornbill Travels came along through his persistence!)

How Are People Responding?

“With the Grace of God and support from North Eastern people, things are going good for Hornbill Travels.

I say people from ‘North East’ because majority of my customers are from North East region. Without their generous support I would not have reached where I am today.”

So, Why The Name Hornbill?

“I precisely hand-picked this name because I want people from the region to relate through this name. And as a Naga myself, I can’t think of better than name than Hornbill to represent the State and the Region.”

Advice For Other Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

“My advice to all aspiring entrepreneur from the region is to have a vision and faith in what you believe. If you believe that entrepreneur is something that you want to do, then go ahead and take risk.

Failure is not the end!

Why is Hornbill Travels A Good News For Northeast Folks in Delhi?

1. Round The Clock- 24 x 7 (And Quick)

Hornbill Travels operate round the clock, even in wee hours.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels

(Trust me! Call them anytime and they’d be there to pick you up in 30 minutes maximum!) 

2. Security and Comfort Guaranteed!

All vehicles of Hornbill Travels are GPS fitted where the vehicle’s movements are being tracked from their control room ALL THE TIME! Oh, Drivers? They are directly employed by Hornbill Travels after a thorough Backround check and police verification.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels

And this is where you say “Phew! Finally I can travel in a cab without any panic attacks!”

Ensuring you optimum comfort in this extreme heat, A/C is standard in all the vehicles. And no, you don’t need to pay extra for the A/C!

3. Covers Whole Of Delhi NCR

You name it, and they will Pick and drop anywhere in Delhi NCR. Their Taxi Service is available all over Delhi NCR. What’s more? All vehicles are brand new with All India Tourist Permit.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels


So, if you are thinking of a weekend getaway at Manali or Agra, or river rafting at Rishikesh, you know who to call. 

4. Insurance For Passengers!

All passengers are ensured an Insurance coverage in case of any mishaps in the journey. Yes, that means all Hornbill Taxis have a valid commercial vehicle numbers.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels

Now you can travel hassle free from the traffic police and well, errr.. insured!!

5. Excellent Customer Service

English speaking Northeastern driver is also made available on special request for elderly or passengers with language problem.  Don’t forget to get your invoice with service tax number issued from Hornbill Services if you will need it for reimbursements or other records.

cabs in delhi ncr: Hornbill Travels

Are you travelling late? Call them up and ask for a Northeastern driver. They would gladly comply. Your safety is guaranteed.

Their Facebook Page you can follow here: Hornbill Travels

Or Call them up at : 78- 6292- 6262

I started employing their service from March. And till date, I have no complaints.

I would vouch, as a busy professional who often travels late, that there is one way to stay safe while you travel in Delhi. Call Hornbill Travels and book your cabs in Delhi NCR anytime anywhere!  

Be smart, make the right choice and travel safe. 


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