This Hornbill Festival Legends Like SMOKIE And VINNIE MOORE Will Perform In Our Own Land!

Here’s a good news for all the SMOKIE and Vinnie Moore fans! As per the information received from the sources, and from the bands’ official websites; SMOKIE and Vinnie Moore will be present at this year’s HORNBILL Festival!


SMOKIE will be performing on December 3, 2014! Here’s the screenshot of their upcoming events from their official website.

smokie hornbill

 VINNIE MOORE  will be the judge at “Hornbill International Rock Contest” from December 4th to 10th. On the final day He will perform a 30 minute set!


Here’s the screenshot from his official website which confirms the news of his presence at the Hornbill Fest 2014

vinnie moore hornbill

We can’t wait for Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014 to come, and see the legends perform in our own land!

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