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Holy Cow! UP govt to sell packaged bottles of cow urine as health drink

Holy Cow!!! (and by holy cow I’m referring to the expression).

Holy Cow!!! Yap you heard it right… UP govt to sell packaged bottles of cow urine as health drink

The next time you go to your store to grab a bottle of health drinks, chances are, the store keeper might hand you over a bottle of cow urine. Or the next time you play football, you might be handed a bottle of cow urine as an energy drink during the half time!

As per the news reported in TOI, the government ayurvedic pharmacy at Pilibhit, which is one of the two in Uttar Pradesh, has prepared a proposal to collect, process and sell packaged bottles of cow urine.

The pharmacy presently supplies ayurvedic medicines prepared here to government centres in 16 districts of western UP.

Dr Prakash Chandra Saxena, principal and superintendent of Government Ayurveda College and Hospital in Pilibhit, said, “Not just for medicinal purpose, we will promote cow urine as a health-giving drink. We have prepared a plan and will discuss it with Ayurveda department in Lucknow for approval. Drinking 10 ml to 20 ml cow urine daily will act as a preventive against seasonal diseases, like fever, cough and stomach-related ailments. Daily consumption of cow urine will also help increase people’s immunity. Our aim is to make cow urine easily available to common public.”

Asked how the pharmacy plans to collect cow urine at such a large scale, Saxena said, “We are considering to contact dairies and gaushalas (cow shelters) run by the government or NGOs. We will soon discuss with experts and director of the Ayurveda department to chalk out details of the project.”

Apart from supplying packaged bottles of cow urine, the pharmacy has decided to prepare herbal medicines using cow urine from this month. “The state government has placed the order and we will start making medicines using cow urine by this month. These drugs will be used in curing several ailments, including fever, jaundice, piles and stomach- and liver-related diseases. Several researches have shown that cow urine, which is an integral part of ayurveda, is beneficial for health,” said Dr Naresh Chandra Gangwar, incharge of the pharmacy.

At a later stage, we may plan to prepare medicines using cow urine for other diseases, including cancer and skin-related problems. As ayurvedic medicines have no side-effects, its demand is increasing in the country,” Gangwar added.

Well apparently, cow urine seems to be the answer and the cure to everything here in India.

Holy crap!!!

~With inputs from TOI