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Here's how a couple from NE trips the pervert who barged into their house with knife and tried to loot and rape.

It seemed like a scene from a thriller movie. A man, his fiancee, and their neighbor were watching television with their front door open, when all of a sudden, a knife-wielding, deranged-looking criminal barged inside their second-floor house in Koramangala VIII Block and threatened to kill them if the trio did not hand over their valuables. When the victims pleaded saying they had not received their salaries, the frustrated miscreant — who had been released from jail just the previous day — tried bolting the three inside a room and demanded to have sex with the women. 

Though the man’s fiancee was having her periods, the miscreant refused to believe her and demanded to see her innerwear. He then dragged the couple’s neighbour to the hall where he tried raping her. But the moment he put his knife down, the couple sprung into action, threw a bedspread on top of the criminal, and shouted for help after trapping him inside a room. Their neighbours then called the South division police, who arrived and nabbed the miscreant on the spot.

The victims are natives of Nagaland and have been living in Koramangala for the past year. Len, 31, works as a sales executive for a private firm in the area, while his fiancee, Izumi, 30, works at an upmarket eatery on Cunningham Road. Their neighbor, Stacey, 28, works for a restaurant in Indiranagar. 

“The incident took place around 10-10.15 pm on September 1. My fiancee and I were watching television with our neighbour. We had kept the main door slightly ajar to allow the warm air to go outside. Suddenly, an unidentified youth aged around 20 years barged into our house with a knife in hand. Speaking broken Hindi and English, he pointed the knife at us and demanded that we stay ‘chup’, threatening to murder all of us otherwise. He immediately locked the door from inside and told us to hand over whatever money and valuables we had. The house is a single BHK, and there was nowhere to escape or run to — the miscreant had just cornered us. Each second, he was threatening to stab us by making menacing gestures in the air.

We gave him some change and told him that we did not have any more money as we were yet to get our salaries,” recalled Len, speaking to Bangalore Mirror.
Wanting to teach them a lesson, the aggrieved pervert suddenly demanded to have sex with Len’s fiancee and their neighbour. He forced the trio into the bedroom and dragged Izumi back out to the hall at knifepoint. Since the bolt of the room’s door could not be locked from the outside as it was jammed, the accused had simply pulled the door tightly shut.

” He then shouted for my neighbour, Stacey, to go outside. She was extremely terrified, and we wanted to nab him somehow. Just before she went out, we told her to listen to him so that we could use the slightest chance to pounce on him. We conversed with each other in our language Nagamese and the miscreant was unable to understand us. As per his demands, Stacey took off her clothes. The miscreant took off his pants and kept his knife aside.

My fiance and I were watching everything through a crack in the door, and just as he was about to fall on my neighbour, Len armed himself with a bedspread, pushed through the door, and pounced on him. As Len covered the pervert’s head and body with the thick cloth, I ran outside screaming for help,” Izumi told Mirror. Len then pushed the miscreant inside the room and held on to the door from the outside till the police came. It seems the accused had also tried to escape through an opening in the ventilator by breaking open the glass panel, but failed.

Strangely, a few people who came to the victims’ help also stole three mobile phones which had been kept near the television. “We had to borrow a phone from our neighbour to inform the police. The saga went on till midnight, and the local police who came to our house took the semi-naked accused into their custody,” Izumi added. 

The South division police have identified him as Melvin Anthony, 20, a resident of Lakshman Nagar slum, and a habitual offender. “He was in jail for the last six months in connection with a bike theft case. He was released on August 31, and was arrested the very next night for trying to rape the two women. The accused has been booked under the following sections of IPC — 354 (outraging the modesty of a woman), 452 (trespassing into a house after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint) and 397 (robbery with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt). We will be opening a rowdy sheet against him, and are also contemplating booking him under the Goonda Act. He has been taken into police custody for further questioning,” the police added.

(Names of all three victims have been changed to protect their identities) 

Source: Bangalore Mirror