Here is a poem that truly describes A Mother’s Love.

Dear Mom, We just want to say, “THANK YOU” Thank you for your unconditional Love and Care. And above all, Thank you for living your life for us. We know it would have been hard for you to live two lives in one body. And  we tell you Mom, all your troubles and hardship in bringing us up will never be a waste. For when your backbone stoops, and your vision becomes blurry, we will be like your mom. We will listen to all your little complains, And fulfill all your tiny little wishes. And to bestow you with the same unconditional love like the one you bestowed upon us.

mothers day quot

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love surpasses every Love,

An Unconditional Love at its truest form.

Peace, joy and comfort;mothers day quote

Where can you get it all?

Nowhere but my mother’s Lap.


Behind every wrinkled lines on her face,

Lies a tale of remarkable sacrifice.

A tale of how I transformed

From a boy to manhood.

A tale of selfless sacrifice.


Every single drop of her silent tears,

Gave me an ocean of changes.mothers day quote

A tool that had sharpened me,

And made me what I am today –

A better person.


Every count of her hair fall,

Every drop of her sweat,

That rolls down her pale cheek,

Has given me the best life can offer,

While she compromises with the least.


Every single moment of her lonely time

Kneeling down in prayers,mothers day quote

With the only sound that of her silent tears touching the floor,

Had me wrapped in utmost protection.


And Behind every lines of her cracked feet;

Lies a story of highest dedication.

A tale of purest love and care,

A story of utmost hard work,

And testimony of a living sacrifice.


A Poem by R. R Shimray II

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