This Guy, Shanti Ram Nepal From Sikkim Ran 500 Kms In 4 Days. Creates Record!


Sikkim’s 24 years old young man Shanti Ram Nepal hailing from Tumin-Lingee creates a Hallmark Marathon Record , Covered Inter-District Run of 500 Km span within 4 Days.



The event was exclusive to Aware HIV/AIDS was organised by Sikkim State Aids Control Society SSAC.
Nepal was accorded appreciation by by SSACS Project Director Dr. Uttam Pradhan.


The record detail has been despatched to Limca Book of Record Panel. Since its believed Nepal also breaks Sikkim Marathon Man’s Record by traversing 50 Km excess then Amar Subba.


 News By : Pappu Mallick, 

Courtesy: Voice of Sikkim

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