A group of rappers in Bangalore creates the first ever Indian Rap Cypher. The outcome is just Awesome!

Recently a group of popular rappers in the Bangalore Hip Hop circuit got together to create the first ever Indian Rap Cypher. The idea was to raise the overall standards of Hip Hop in the country and bring more attention to the genre.

The artists involved in the Cypher are : Big Deal, Brodha V, Smokey, Charles, Xstacy Sash, Main E Yak from the Low Rhyderz and Lil B.


Buzzfeed a website where most viral materials on the web are born featured it to be viewed by more than 30,000 people online.

The video has gone viral and was shared by the Facebook pages of MTV Indies, Ragu Dixit and it also received a shout out video from the rap superstar Blaaze.


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