Get into the grooves with Trance Effect’s new music video ‘Clowns’

Trance Effect - Clowns

Trance Effect is a band from Nagaland, India. The band consists of Iuli Yeptho on Vocals, Sosang Lkr on Drums, Tako Chang on Guitar and Imnamaong Imchen on Bass.

The song talks about an individual trying to fit in with the society which is already a mess, people trying to pretend to be happy but deep inside they are all struggling to find happiness, being lost in that crowd trying to find ones own true self as the chorus goes, “covered in paint, we’re all clowns lost in the crowd”.

It basically means that the society as a whole is just trying to be like a clown pretending everything’s fine when in reality there is more to the story behind everyone’s covered faces.

Music Recorded by: Nash Lkr
Mixed and Mastered by: Tongs Kichu
Music Production: Odi Studio
Lyrics by: Imnamaong Imchen
Music by: Trance Effect

Film Production: Alchemy Pixels


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