From Drawing Books to Painting Canvases



IMG-20150817-WA0003She lives in a world of paint brushes, paintings, canvases, illustrations, animations, doodles, mangas and animes. Meet this 24 year old freelance artist- Lungshai Leisan a.k.a Shai. She is a graduate in Bsc Multimedia and Animation. She has acquired a diploma in Fine Arts and has also pursued a further 6 months course on Fine Arts under Guru Pankaj sir. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree course at Delhi College of Art. Most of her art work is founded on her life and everything that surrounds her.IMG-20150817-WA0004As a kid she enjoyed drawing, painting and sketching. She has always been fascinated by animation and its exploits. She has keen interest in reading comic books and watching cartoon as a child, which inspired her to take fervent interests towards art. She started out with weaving stories into her drawings and gradually learned the wonderful art of making everything come alive through her imaginations and drawings. Drawings have become a part of her life.

IMG-20150817-WA0006“I feel alive when I draw. It is like going into a world of another dimension. How wonderful it is, if you can make everything come alive?” says Lungshai Leisan.


She has a passion for drawing and sketching human characters. She draws inspiration mostly from observing human behaviour in crowded places. The uniqueness of each human individual captivates her. Her works on live human portrait were exhibited at the 12th Grand Annual Art Exhibition which took place at Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery from 24th – 29th May, 2014.

Miss Lungshai Leisan with her live portrait painting at the 12th Grand Annual Art Exhibition.

In the near future she wishes to open and run an art institution at her hometown, Ukhrul District, Manipur. She wants to teach art and spread awareness about Art, also, as a substantial career, the same as a career in Medicine or Engineering.

leisanLungshai Leisan,the budding gifted artist is a gem of a kind for the community and the society. Her works reflect her equitable objectives on life and everything that surrounds her. For more of her art work updates you can follow her on Instagram @l_leisan and on Facebook page LLeisan

A painting of a Naga old man.



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