Fiery and Ferocious, Ghost Chili Has It All!

The King of All Chilies – Eat this and get transported to fiery land.

If you’re a chili lover, you’d probably know Ghost Chili. This superhot chili is cultivated in the Northeastern states of Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of the world. It is dearly called as Bhut Jolokia in Assam, Umorok in Manipur and Naga Jolokia in Nagaland. However, it is extensively known as Raja Mircha.

Ghost Chili is generally eaten in the form of chutneys, pickles and as seasonings. But if you’re a chili lover you can add this in whatever food you prepare and fire up your taste buds to the moon and back! This explosive chili is an all-time ‘hot thing’ that makes one ferocious and fiery! It gives an incredible sensation as the heat continues to build for a good 30 seconds and all that there is to say is, that, it’s not for the faint-hearted. But at the same time, the chili heat produces endorphins in the body that makes one feel better. So eat this and feel good!

For all you city dwellers, this atomic bomb of a pepper is available at a few selected online shopping portals in the form of pickles. You can buy them online at reasonable prices on Giskaa, Foodyez, Amazon, eBay India, ShopClues and Sprig.

As dangerous and ghostly as it sounds, this superhot gorgeous chili has lots of health benefits.

Let’s have a look at ten benefits of eating the Ghost Chili-

10 Benefits of Eating the Ghost Chili

  1. Improves Breathing by opening clogged nasal passages
  2. Boosts your Moods by releasing endorphins that dulls pain
  3. Improved blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  4. Anti-Cancer properties verified by studies
  5. Helps lose weight by speeding up metabolism
  6. Heart Health improvement by increasing body’s ability to dissolve blood clots
  7. Improves digestion and help in curing stomach
  8. Helps relieve Arthritis by reducing joint inflammation and to reduce pain.
  9. Improved sleep by helping you fall asleep more easily, and having more energy throughout the day
  10. Cold and Flu prevention and healing by sweating more and reducing sinusitis and other flu symptoms.- (

There goes the king chili magic!

So, why not, Folks! Dispel your dislike for hot chilies and get a taste of this wonder bomb and stay healthy!

Eat Healthy!


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