Fashion & Beauty Bloggers From North East You Need To Follow Right Away!


Fashion and NE people are synonyms! But than there are some who stands out from among the crowds. We have compiled a list of awesome fashion and beauty bloggers from North East region!

1. Pink Cult.

First up, we have The Pink Cult from Arunachal Pradesh and currently based in Bangalore.  Follow her for all the latest fashion trends, tips and tricks!

Follow this cute over gorgeous lady on her facebook page The Pink Cult or visit her blog The Pink Cult


2. Dr Ivy Poison

Next up we have in our list Awungshi Philamazan who blogs by the name Dr Ivy Poision… And yes she is Doctor currently based in Trivandrum. From hairs to nails, she blogs about beauty products, accessories, and gives out valuable tips and tricks.

follow her on fer fb page and her blog Drpoisonivy


3. Aien Jamir

She maybe a blogger and a style influencer first but Style-preneur is the word that best describes Aien Jamir. From starting her online store AJ-Store on Facebook which went on to become a hit to being the face of Fashion and I, Aien has done it all for the love of style and been aesthetically the best at it. All in all there has been no stopping for this lady as her unique eye for fashion, style and beauty made remarkable waves placing her in the glossy pages of many prominent fashion magazines in the country such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grazia, Femina and L’officiel. She has worked with a plethora of global brands like Gap, Nike, Adidas, H&M, Mac, Bobbi Bown, Aeropostale etc. What sets Aien Jamir apart is her creative direction and the knack to churn out eclectic style through the most unexpected pieces.

Visit her site Aien Jamir Fashion & I

You can buy clothes from her Facebook store

4. Dewdrops By Tuingam

Next we have in our list Tuingam Angkang who blogs by the name DewdropsByTuingam. She is currently based in New Delhi

Follow her on her website Dewdropsbytuingam or on facebook

5. Kuvelu Tetse-O

Well everybody knows her! Wink!

Follow her on her blog Mysaladdays and on her facebook page



Well which one is your favorite?

And More…..

And yes, we are sure we miss out many fashion and beauty bloggers from NE region. Please drop us the link of notable bloggers on the comment below! We would love to update more!!!


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