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Fall in love with this Naga Christmas song ‘Christmas is best in my village’


It’s the time of the year where everyone of us who are out of our own home state goes back to be with the family and loved ones. Yes, Christmas is here. But wherever you may celebrate nothing beats the celebration in the village. The joy of celebrating Christmas in the village is something which we can never experience in towns or cities.

Here’s a Naga Christmas song by NagaGenous that perfectly sums up why Christmas is best in the village.  You may want to pack your stuffs after watching this video!

Here’s the English translation of the lyrics – Christmas is best in my village

It doesn’t snow in my village
Santa claus is unfamiliar to us
Though we don’t get christmas cake
yet christmas is best in my village

Reindeers dont roam our forest
Exchanging christmas gifts is not our tradition
Bethlehem is a place we’ve never seen
Yet christmas is best in my village

The divine aroma of Axone
And delicious sticky rice bread
Piping hot, millet and job’s tears
How i long for christmas in my village

Jesus is born in my village
Our roosters crow with happiness
Our cow kissed the baby Jesus
Leaves its little calves

Come now let’s go to my village
There we shall find pure joy
There is love and peace
Christmas is best in my village

About the Music Video

Words & Lyrics: HOJEVI KAPPO
Directed by VITO SUMI
Producer: Er. KITOSHE AYE
Set Design: HOTONI K AYE
Sound Mixing: JEKUTO
Production Manager: INITO KIBA

TEAM NAGAGENOUS Helen Aye,Aghali Chishi, Kheholi Achumi, Ilitoli Aye, Lino V Yeptho, Vitokali Kinny ,Kali Chishi , Hotoni K Aye Vikiho Sumi, Atoho Zhimomi, Hekai Kinny, Hojevi Kappo, Akato Kiba, Hotolu Yeptho, Jesse Yeptho &Levito Swu

Fall in love with this Naga Christmas song 'Christmas is best in my village' 3
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