Did Pacquiao Deserve A Unanimous Vote? The World Awaits An Answer.

Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao in the Fight of the Century.

The Final score as per the Judges:118-110 ,116-112, 116-112

Also, take a look at the result, scribbled by the Judge’s’ own doodles. Here is how Floyd Won.

Score Card

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were scheduled to face the fight in 2009, but it couldn’t work out. However, the fight that took place after a wait of 5 long years left the audience and the viewers BORED.


Yes. For those who watched the fight, they would know. And for those who didn’t, don’t worry, you did not miss out much. The only thing you missed out was, the was BOOOed by the audience at Flyod post match.mayweather

21   mayweather boo   Twitter Search


19   mayweather boo   Twitter Search

But what do you expect from the world’s best aggressive fighter and the best defender? Floyd tactically managed to skip every blows Pacquiao threw his way. How? People are calling that a “moon walk”. Well, that moonwalk definitely named him the champion once again. Undefeated 48 wins!



How much are they Worth (as per 23014)?

Floyd Mayweather:  280$ million

Manny Pacquiao:  140$

fight of the century

After today’s fight, their net worth is definitely set to increase. As Mayweather-Pacquiao is expected to be the highest revenue-generating fight in boxing history, Floyd and Manny agreed to split all profits 60-40.  Floyd is projected to earn as much as $200 million off the fight. The final numbers for both the fighters won’t be known until all the various income sources are tallied (after days and weeks of the fight of course.)


All we can say for now is, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is definitely going home $200 million richer!

After the ABC new channel posted on their Facebook page, that Floyd had won, the comments were hilarious. The viewers argued it wasn’t fair. Here is one of the comment:


Everyone has been coming up with their own conclusion. Was the unanimous result fair? We would never know. However, take a look at this interesting mail, Telegraph UK received post the match. A pledge for each fighter it would seem.


The Telegraph.Uk is also already running a poll on if there should be a rematch or not. Follow this link and cast your vote. Should there be a rematch? We cast our vote too, and 79% of voters definitely wanted a rematch.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao  Manny s camp cry foul after Floyd wins unanimous decision   live reaction   Telegraph

Or, you can still vote for a rematch on twitter, using hashtagusing #FSNYes or #FSNNo.

FOX SPORTS News on Twitter   RE BOUT  Do you think there should there be a rematch following Mayweather s victory  Vote using  FSNYes or  FSNNo http   t.co vvzcPv6Lpw

According to what BBC news reported post the fight, Pacquiao’s fan in Philippines are also rooting for a rematch. But will there be a rematch after all?


As per the statement released by Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, immediately after the defeat to Floyd Mayweather, the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to allow Pacquiao to have an injection into his shoulder which left him one-handed for the entire 12 rounds. The injury is supposed to be from his previous fight. This might mean that if ever there is a rematch, it will not be anytime soon!

Pacquiao Press conference

Before we sign off, take a look at some of the funny tweets that caught our attention today!

20  News about Mayweather on Twitter

39  News about Mayweather on Twitter

39  News about Mayweather on Twitter

And of it all, this tweet is our winner.

97  News about Mayweather on Twitter

Whether the unanimous vote was fair or not, or if the world will be allowed to witness another re-match, we will find out soon.

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