COFFEE NIGHT: This Is What Happen When The Change-makers of Pune Brainstorms.

Change is not miracle neither can it be made overnight.


They called it the ‘COFFEE NIGHT’. 

A beautiful Friday evening where 37 enthusiastic individuals brain stormed their beautiful minds, there was never a lovelier evening hosted at the Barista (MG. Road, Pune).  A little bit for the love of coffee, and more for the love of change, these change-makers had bustled their way to the Cafe for the sake of a better tomorrow. 


Refusing to dream no ordinary dream, determined to set themselves as an example of change and be the change in their homes and societies, the feeling of oneness was overwhelming! Feeling the compelling need to give back to the society they grew up in and make it better, to came together to share their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.


The ideas came filling in with more sips of coffee and a scrumptious bite into their dark chocolate brownies. Their main concern and thoughts for the meeting was to rack brains on how to utilize their unified ideas to instil more meaning in each of their lives. 


The prime focus was on the ones who would be leaving Pune soon for different places, that they would meet new people and share their acquired knowledge. Inquisitive questions that were thoroughly rationalized were:

  • What is my dream?
  • How do I intend execute my dream?
  • What is my main focus and the principle I live by?
  • What have I learnt from staying in Pune? 


Experiences and words of encouragement were exchanged across tables. Acknowledging the fact that they are citizens of an overtly corrupted (beyond repair) society, these young minds would not wait for change but be the change themselves. They would rather not wait for someone else to initiate the change. Coming from North-East region, known to the rest of Indians as music lovers where each ethnic groups often interact in social gatherings, these young group of enthusiast even tapped into the idea of how in the coming future this could bring a marathon of hidden talents. 


The evening was furthered livened up by Mr. Raj, a successful young Entrepreneur based in Pune. Raj gave an inspirational account of his journey to the top, and encouraged the young minds to be ‘open to change’ if they want to grow in life. To Never forget where they came from, and the parents who brought them up.

Everyone was enlightened that night. It let each one reach into their inner strength and connect back to their roots. Everyone was more determined to be the ‘Change’ in the society, to be treated in equality, to share an equal platform and build a better tomorrow.


Change is not a miracle neither can it be made overnight. They realizes that it means ‘make’ or ‘become different’ that would involve a process or processes. It is the relentless willingness to risk life, swiftly act on situations, to have the courage to stand for justice while patiently attempting to bring about some reformation in the society.  


Don’t take my word for it when I say it there was never an evening lovelier. Hear it out yourself from some of our young enthusiasts about the evening. 


Miss Esther, Mizoram: “I saw the good relationship among you guys which really impressed me… And I’d like to suggest you guys to continue the event for outgoing students for better relationship. It was fun and I enjoyed alot… It was one of the best night I’ve ever had….”

Himali Chopi: It was great, I had a good time my suggestion would be it would b good if you guys could put up this kind of informal gathering often! Not only you will make new friends but also learn to be more sociable..
No expectations because that evening was awesome! It was more than I expected.

rizat coffee night

Sara Zhimomi: “It was very nice. You guys made the outgoing students very special, and that’s what everyone wants” to feel special among thousands. My suggestion will be, keep organising more of it and include games too.”

Mr. Aning (Singer, song writer): “Man..sincerely I was observing quietly and believe that it could  bring a great impact. N I will continue to support this kind of effort in future”

coffee night pune

Mr. David Patton: It was indeed awesome i mean it.
Well we all had great evening 2gtr,and most interesting part,interacting our future career an so on! I dun have nothing much to suggest my opinion! But we Guys enjoyed to the fullest in a special manner.
Thank you So much For organising such a wonderful Coffee nite specially for us(Outgoing members)
Cakes Snacks n Cold coffee are perfect .Heads Off! for u guys!!once thank you so much!

Opangmenla Pongen:“Coffee Night was good. Wish I could  spent more time with everyone and get to know them. On the other note,glad that an event like that was programmed by you guys. It was a good experience. Something to reflect back to in the long run. Thank you to all the organisers. “

cofee night

 It was something very different and creative.. for the first time we had a get together like that in an informal which made it very lively and comfortable. I got to know different people from North east community and not not only that I learned different views and opinions which made it more interesting. Last but not the least the entertainment was just awesome felt like I was sitting in some shows it was just not about the coffee and snacks but it was a touch of humanity. 

Uhmm my suggestion would be… It will be great if u guys can keep up this tradition and continue to make a difference in society.. According to my knowledge Since it was the first time that u guys organised this type of gathering which turn out to be a success.
I believe that a lot more of interaction would bring light to the theme but this time we were running out of time so have to wind up. Aso (Rock hostel )

achan coffee night
” It was such a nice experience for me to be a part on that event. It was very eye opening and it has motivated me a lot to be more positive in the coming future.. thank you for the inspiring words.  I hope this event will continue n motivate people…” Sashi jungla.


Best coffee night ever!circles of friends cumn togthr..we laughed,we had fun,shared our thoughts But d best part is it was an eye opening to me for my career as a future leader.
I hope and pray dat such an event be continue in the years to come.Becos one of the best way of learning is ‘modeling’ sum1’s life and learn from them.
I need no appealing words to describe ech one of you bt ur inspirations r vividly glorious.
To the organisers-May ur effort and services bring lots f changes n achievements in our life’s endeavour.
Lots of love-Angau

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