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“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons“ Today, I want to share happiness with our Morungers, an emotional journey with this beautiful photo-story of a little boy having the time of his life in the paddy field. It was a tiresome Friday evening, beat from work and the rising summer heat, a day that […]
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 This domicile is a one of a kind! It reads, “What I have to make a push, at its threadbare called into being that Shri/Smt/Miss _____ is a son/daughter of Shri/Smt _____ and he/she is a permanent residence in the small world of village called Baksalpara, which has been created under the district of North […]
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The story of a security guard who has cleared IAS and now posted in Madurai has gone viral!  Many websites including,  IndiaLive today has shared the story which has been viewed by thousands of people! The news have also been posted on many facebook groups and pages making it go viral instantly!  But the truth […]

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