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This Bus Travelling From Tura to Shillong Falls Into Gorge. Kills 4 and Seriously Injuring 32 people.

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TURA: Four people were killed and 32 injured after a bus carrying 38 people fell into a gorge in West Garo Hills early this morning.

According to the Police sources, one Air Bus, ML–08-0609 met with an accident before reaching Dollonggre. Many have been feared dead while there were 4 confirmed dead and 32 others seriously injured.


The private bus skidded off the road and fell into a gorge while on its way from Tura to Shillong. The accident occurred in Dollonggre village, about 40 kilometers from Tura in West Garo Hills at around 12.30 am.

Police said, “About 28 injures were admitted to hospital and while three died on the spot, one died at Tura Civil Hospital. Out of four deceased, one was female.”

AIRBUS accident, West Garo Hills

According to police the actual place of occurrence is at Anogre before reaching Dollonggre which is 10 km away from Jengjal outpost.”

Cranes were used to pull the bus out of the gorge. Many injured passengers are critical and have been taken to the civil hospital in Tura, while some have been referred to a Guwahati hospital.

Injured passenger

The 108 Emergency Service Ambulance base in Rari, Resubelpara, Tura and Dadenggre helped in shifting Salnation D Shira (19/F), Tian Momin (20/F), Sonahar Ali Khan (26/M), Napoleon Chiran (50/M), R. Sangma (28F), Vincent K. Marak (81/M), R. Syiemiong (38/M), Sujit Baruah (37/M), Dilbag Singh (26/M), Khela Ch. Kooch (55/M), Dapmian Dkhar (26/M), J. Tariang (38/M), Francis Lyngkhoi (21/M), Salim Miah (18/M), Manju Alam Shiekh (54/M), Aditya Hajong (33/M), Roshni Hajong (23/F), Takir Shiekh (18/M) and six others to Tura Civil Hospital.

Preliminary investigations into the matter have raised serious questions on the bus being in a condition to ply on such terrains. The experience of the driver is also under scanner. Many have argued that the load capacity of the vehicle and the role of the transport authority in monitoring the passenger buses have serious flaws owing to which, such accidents are a common occurrence.

West garo Hills bus accident

It has been informed that Police is awaiting for the driver to recover from his injuries following which they will question him to further understand the cause of the accident and prevent such occurrences in the future.

The transport department is in the firing line over its lack of inspection and monitoring of passenger buses which carry loads of commodities atop its roof.


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