Borkung Hrangkhawl’s new music video ‘Never Give Up’ elevates NE music videos to a whole new level!

Borkung Hrangkhawl commonly known by his stage name BK has released his new music video featuring Moses and DJ Ina. 

The song talks about his experience as a musician and how Moses, Ina and he came together despite being from different musical background to make music together. It talks about the kind of music they play and how they mix different elements of Music.

BK Never give up

The song is about the struggle they faced while following their passion of becoming a successful musician.

The message of the song as the title suggest is ‘Never Give Up’. And this is what they have to say to the about it, ‘Life is not easy, we have to struggle and we have to face hurdles, but despite all this we have to keep breathing and keep moving against all odds because everything that we do will have an impact in our lives, so every move and every action counts, and no matter what, we should never quit. So its our life, our dream and we will keep moving till we achieve it, and we will never give up.’

You can download the Mp3 of Never Give Up free from indihut. Visit


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