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Bill Morgan, the man who came back from the dead and won the lottery. Twice!

The life of Australia’s luckiest man is full of unbelievable events. Moreover, many could blame him for describing details, absolutely impossible in real life. But everything that happened to him isn’t fiction, but pure truth.

It all began in 1999, when Bill Morgan, a truck driver from Australia, got himself in a terrible road accident, after which he was rushed to hospital in serious condition. According to doctors, the chances of survival of this 37-year- old man were extremely small. He was in a coma, and his relatives were immediately warned that anything could happen.

After a while, the situation became even worse: Bill’s treatment resulted in a severe allergic reaction, and Morgan’s heart couldn’t stand it and stopped for 14 minutes. All this time, doctors were doing everything they could to save his life, and a miracle happened – in the 15th minute, they managed to “kick-start” the heart.

Usually, in such cases, the brain suffers from irreversible consequences. But 12 days later, Bill came out of the coma, showing no signs of disruption of the brain. Morgan quickly got his color back, and soon there was nothing to remind him of the accident. However, Bill quit his job just in case. After discharging from the hospital, this lucky guy decided to celebrate his recovery and bought a can of beer and a lottery ticket.

Once he scratched the ticket’s protective layer, Morgan didn’t believe his eyes – he became the owner of a car that cost 17,000 Australian dollars. Soon, Morgan’s incredible luck attracted newsmakers, who contacted him with a proposition to cover his story. To make the news video look as natural as possible, Morgan was asked to buy a ticket at the nearest
kiosk and make a joyous face, like the one he had at the moment when he realized that he won a car.

Morgan did so, but when he scratched the protective layer, he was even more astonished than last time: he won 250,000 Australian dollars (about 350,000 US dollars now).
This time, Bill decided to buy a house. By the way, he doesn’t buy lottery tickets anymore, as he’s completely satisfied with what he already has. Besides, Morgan said that it wasn’t the money that became his main prize. It was his life and health which he managed to save after the accident.

In the happiest period of his life, luck smiled at Bill one more time, when he proposed to his loved one. When Lisa Wells said yes, Morgan was much happier than after his lottery winnings. So find your soul mate on https://yesdates.com and feel the true happiness yourself.

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