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This Barber Who Cuts Hair For a Mere Rs 100 Owns a Rolls Royce and 75 Other Luxury Cars!!!



Ramesh babu
Ramesh babu

Ramesh Babu is a Bangalore-based barber who gives customers a haircut for a modest ₹100 but owns a Rolls Royce Ghost worth ₹ 3 crore, and 75 other luxury cars.

When his father died in 1979, Ramesh, a nine year-old boy, was literally on the streets. The barber shop his father ran on Brigade Road’s St Patrick’s Complex was rented out for ₹ 5 per day.  Ramesh’s family survived on that money.



Babu was nine when his father died in 1979, leaving the family with nothing. To make ends meet, they rented out his father’s saloon on Brigade Road for a mere ₹5 per day.

Forced to get a fulltime job, Babu dropped out of school after Class 10 and started working as a barber. The career choice paid off better than he could have imagined. In 1991, he started his own salon, Inner Space, which gained popularity among the city’s trendy bunch.


But the turnaround happened in 1994, when Babu purchased a humble Maruti Omni van and started renting it out. Seventeen years later, his car collection is anything but humble. Apart from the Rolls Royce, his fleet includes four Mercedes, an equal number of BMWs and 50 Toyota Innovas


In 2014 he has a fleet of 200 cars. What is even more extraordinary is the 75 luxury cars on the fleet- a range of Mercedes, BMW’s, Audi’s, five and ten seater luxury vans and, his ultimate pride, a Rolls Royce

Watch this inspiring video of him talking at TEDx event at Christ University, Bangalore

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