What Bangalore Traffic Police did should be replicated in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. Here's Why!

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In Bangalore, 700 undercover cops , including 100 women, embarked on a 15-hour sting operation on autos on Monday. Posing as Kannada, English and Hindi speaking ‘commuters’, they tested the response of drivers. 


As many as 20 cops from each of the 40 traffic police stations in the city participated in the undercover raid. The trigger for mounting a drive on this scale was when a recent Facebook post by a 22-year-old human rights activist that stated she was allegedly assaulted by an auto driver in Shantinagar, went viral.


Result:  3,350 autos were fined; 450 were seized




If you have a complain, here’s how you can register one
Commuters who wish to complain against rogue auto drivers for overcharging or refusing hire can do so through a number of methods.

24-hour IVRS-enabled helplines: 080-22868444/22868550

e-mail: tmcbtp@gmail.com

SMS: Send an SMS to 52225 in the following formats – In case of refusing hire, type ‘AUTO REF (registration number) (location, from and to) (date and time)’.
For example:AUTO REF KA01A1000 Navrang to Malleswaram 3:30 pm, 1 July, 2014

In case of overcharging, type ‘AUTO OVC (registration number) (location, from and to) (date and time)’.
For example: AUTO OVC KA01A1000 Navrang to Malleswaram 3:30 pm, 1 July, 2014

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