August 16 Protest – Pictures That Tells The Story Of Courage And Love For The Nation!

On 16 August 2014, hundreds of Naga students in Delhi gathered at Manipur Bhavan to protest against the imposition of 144 CrPC in Ukhrul.  Here are 12 pictures of the protest.

1. Briefing the protesters!nagaprotest12. A protester is seen explaining to the policewomen the reason behind the protest~nagaprotest23.Delhi Police trying to stop the protestersnagaprotest34. Chasing away the protestersnagaprotest45. Followed by heavy lathi chargenagaprotest56. Some of them were badly injurednagaprotest67. The injured being treatednagaprotest78. nagaprotest89. But that doesn’t turn away the protestersnagaprotest910. The courageous ones to face the policemennagaprotest1011. Protesters scuffling with the policenagaprotest1112.A protester seen coming out from the police van after releasenagaprotest12

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