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In Arunachal, More Than 200 Women Equipped With Daos Gathered To Carry Out 'Operation Bhaang'

ZIRO: More than two hundred women equipped with daos gathered  at Subansiri Stadium yesterday to join a programme called “Bhaang Operation” spearheaded and organized by the All Arunachal Pradesh Women Welfare Society (AAPWWS) Ziro branch.

The women including Anganwadi workers, gaon burih, members of Hong Farmers Club, Siiro Farmers Club and from many women based organizations of the valley took part and destroyed large quantities of bhaang (ganja) both wild and cultivated at various locations including inside the jungle of Ziro Valley, Arunachal

bhaang operation

Informing that they had carried out similar operation last year, AAPWWS Ziro branch Secretary Dusu Amer said that as per estimation the extent of bhaang cultivation in Ziro Valley is found to be lesser this year. Even then, we will continue to take up this operation till last plant is destroyed, she added and warned people not to wait for them to destroy their plant if they are cultivating it.

 ‘Bhaang Operation’ is a part of their objective to make Ziro Valley a drug free zone so as to save the youth in particular and society as a whole!