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JC Kitt’s Debut Single ‘The Last Walk In The Rain’ Out Now On Indihut!

Thanthing Kasar also known by his stage name, JC Kitt has released his debut single “The last walk in the rain” on Indihut. The romantic debut single is about a person who has lost his love and still lives all this time holding onto his memory.

JC Kitt is an upcoming music artist, songwriter and composer from Ukhrul, Manipur. Like all budding artist of the North East, J.C.’s first musical experience started in the local church performing and since then there has been no looking back for this young powerhouse of a singer.


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His musical inspiration and style ranges from country to classical rock to contemporary blues and beyond. In the year 2011, JC along with a group of friends formed a band and started performing under the name, “Black & Blue”. The band was a hit in and around Guwahati performing in various college functions and events thus, striking a chord and a small fan base following with people of all ages who were left mesmerized by his deep, soulful and original voice.

Thanthing’s music life started quite early with his late father as his inspiration, who was a singer-songwriter. And his father being the one inspired from, the first album will be dedicated to him which is expected to be out by the end of the year.

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